Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb - Hanging Around & Ed's Walking Tour of Tanzania - 4,000 ft

Trip Day 11 - Climb Day 8


Today we had free to do whatever we wanted. The safari people left in the morning to do their thing and the rest of us had all day to rest and relax for our 9PM flight back home that evening. I decided that all I wanted to do all day was lie around alone, read and drink beer. And that's exactly what I did. Ed on the other hand organized a walking tour of the local area and convinced Norm and Judy to go along. The pictures below are from his walking tour and are all I know about it.

6PM rolled around and after a cheeseburger dinner we headed out to the airport. You could tell who the people were that had done Kilimanjaro as they were the people walking around like they had severe arthritis in their legs. I couldn't believe when I got on the plane that they made us walk up a flight of stairs to get on the thing. I told the flight attendant that she was killing me and she laughed. The flight home went a lot faster than the flight there, as it usually does. I usually don't sleep very well on airplanes but I slept a solid 6 hours on the flight from Dar Es Salaam to Amsterdam. Exhaustion (and a good beer buzz) certainly has its advantages sometimes. A Heineken for breakfast in Amsterdam carried me on the final leg back to the States.

Traditional home outside the Lodge Traditional home outside the Lodge
Ed meets the locals Ed meets more locals
Local cook tent Seems like he's vying for overlord status
Working the fields Traditional clothes

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