This was our luxurious accommodations at private camp in Arusha National Park Was I suppose to bring a sleeping bag?
The mess tent at private camp Group shot at private camp
My that's a big elephant gun you have there Our brief safari turned up a few critters
Want to buy some land? One of the more traditional houses
5 gallon plastic buckets seemed popular for fetching water Mark at beginning of trail up to Kilimanjaro - 6,000 ft
Chaos ensues with the porters Group shot at beginning of trail. Don't we all look so clean?
Picnic lunch on the trail Forest Camp - 9,000 ft
That makes my head hurt just looking at it Lunch time again
A blister already? Not a good omen Climbing up out of the valley we started in
Feeling good, hat flopping in the breeze Mark at Shira Camp 1 - 11,500 ft
Shira Camp 1 Kilimanjaro at sunset from Shira Camp 1
The porters breaking down camp in the morning Everybody line up
Looking back at Shira Camp 1 Here come the porters. Make way
On the Shira Plateau Senecio. The only place on earth they grow is right here
More Senecio Mark looking back down towards Fischer Camp
Ed relaxes in a breeze free location Mark at Fischer Camp - 12,300 ft
Kilimanjaro at sunset from Fischer Camp Sunset over the Shira Plateau
Bonei and Penda load up my duffel bag Mark and Ed shortly after leaving Fischer Camp
Mark on the climb up to Lava Tower Camp Lava Tower and the Western Breach in the distance
I think we hit that Alpine Desert area Almost like the AT in Pennsylvania
Camp appears over the next hill Mark at Lava Tower Camp - 14,500 ft
Now this is the life Just put your foot here, and your hand here. Hakuna Shida
Mark on top of Lava Tower, 15,000 ft Group shot on top of Lava Tower
Climbing cairns on Lava Tower Our route from Lava Tower to Arrow Glacier
Dinner time for the porters Climbing up to Arrow Glacier
Looking back on Lava Tower on the way to Arrow Glacier We must be getting close. Lava Tower is shrinking
Arrow Glacier Camp - 15,800 ft Acclimatization hike commences
Looking back at Arrow Glacier Camp Whew. I think that was far enough
Still smiling! Would you like some hot tea?
The Western Breach Here we go. This sure is steep
It's a wall of porters Seems like we're almost there, NOT
I vaguely remember taking this picture of Mt. Meru No wonder I'm so tired
Lunch time at 18,000 ft If I just put one foot in front of the other I'll get there
Lunch time from on high Noel leads the way for the "fast" group
Oh thank god its the crater rim The glacier is still pretty big
Privy with a view Mark alive at Crater Camp - 18,500 ft
Glaciers in the crater Glaciers in the crater
The route from Crater Camp to the summit Looking back on Crater Camp
Mark at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro - 19,340 ft - at 7:30 AM on 8/15/04 Ed and Mark on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro - 19,340 ft - at 7:30 AM on 8/15/04
The group celebrates our achievement The proof is in the pudding
Our guides - John, Ben, Noel and Aaron (KP) celebrate the summit Glacier on the way down with Mt. Meru in the back ground
This is the bailout route from Crater Camp More glacier on the way down
Scree slope on the Mweka route down Looking out across the other side of the mountain
Mark looking back at the route down Looking down at Barafu Hut
Mark looking back at Kilimanjaro from Barafu Hut at 15,000 ft Same shot without me in it
Looking back from further down the mountain Looking back from even further down the mountain
The porters and guides sing and dance for us on the last morning together Group shot with the guides and porters. I've got my arm around my porter Penda
The cooks break down the cook tent for the last time Nobody said anything about freaking stairs
Bonei greats us at trails end Mark at the end of the trail, 6000 ft
Of course there is time for one last lunch I actually ate a little food here
Our hut at the Moivaro Lodge The Moivaro Lodge
Group shot at the Moivaro Lodge I guess it gets a little buggy here
Traditional home outside the Lodge Traditional home outside the Lodge
Ed meets the locals Ed meets more locals
Local cook tent Seems like he's vying for overlord status
Working the fields Traditional clothes