Weminuche Wilderness - Molas Pass Loop around 14'ers - CO - August 2003

Trip theme: "Freakin' Black Flies!" or "I Wonder When Its Going to Start Raining?"


Warren and Tom on the trail to Bear Creek Falls in Tellurude Mark at the top of our acclimatization hike looking back towards Telluride
Telluride Tom and Mark on the Telluride ski slope
Warren, Tom and Mark at Molas Pass Hiking down from Molas Pass towards the Animas river
Mark on the bridge over the Animas river by Elk Park Climbing up the Elk Creek trail from Elk Park
Campsite #1 - 10,100 ft. Bad blackflies here The view west from Campsite #1
Tom and Warren contemplate the long climb ahead towards the Continental Divide We have to go all the way up there?
Ugh, that was steep. These were the nicest switchbacks ever
Mark looking east from the Continental Divide at Elk Creek, 12,650 ft. This is towards Beartown Mark looking west from the Continental Divide at Elk Creek, 12,650 ft. This is where we came from
Mark on the next ridge line to the south of the Divide. Mark on the summit of an unnamed mountain to the south of the Divide, 12,972 ft.
Campsite #2 - 11,350 ft. Good stumps The view from Campsite #2.
Hiking up towards Hunchback Pass looking back towards Beartown Looking back towards the Continental Divide from the previous day
Looking down the Vallecito Valley from Hunchback Pass, 12,493 ft. Crossing Rock Creek. The water was very red
Campsite #3 - 9,400 ft. Warren wonders if he should set up his tent or not. Really bad blackflies here Heading up Johnson Creek towards Columbine Pass
See you later aligator! Columbine Pass from Columbine Lake. The picture doesn't do justice to how ridiculously steep this was.
Mark looking east from Columbine Pass, 12,680 ft. This is the way we came Mark looking west from Columbine Pass, 12,680 ft. This is overlooking Chicago Basin. Is that lightening?!
Campsite #4 - 11,300 ft. Watch out for goats The climbers trail up to Twin Lakes. Another ridiculously steep section of trail.
Twin Lakes in the early morning, around 12,000 ft. Heading towards Windom Peak looking back at Eolus.
Heading towards Windom Peak looking back at Eolus, this is around 13,000 ft. On the Windom Peak ridge line looking back at the shadow cast by Windom on the climbing route.
Mark on the summit of Windom Peak, 14,082 ft. Somewhere around a 3 mile and 3,000 ft climb from our campsite Looking back up towards the climbing route on Windom Peak on the way down the mountain
Wow, look a mountain goat. Everyone be quite so we don't scare it away Looking up towards Windom Peak from our campsite. Windom is the one in the middle with the long slope on the left
OK, never mind about scaring away the goats. The Durango-Silverton train comes to pick us up in Needleton.
All Aboard! Wouldn't you "gentlemen" be more comfortable in the open air car in the rear of the train?
Mark back at Molas Pass. I wonder what happened to the others? Oh well, the heck with them. I'm going for beer and burgers! The view from the porch in Warren's condo in Telluride. I picked up these two cream puffs in Silverton.

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