Guadalupe National Park March 2000


Our camp site at Guadalupe NP Looking up from the Guadalupe Peak trail head. That is not the peak but rather the first mountain to get over
This is looking back down the trail at where the trail meets the top of the previous picture Mark trudging up the trail
Mark on the highest bridge in Texas Mark on the summit of Guadalupe Peak - 8,749 fton 3/24/00. This is the highest point in Texas. This is a 3,000 ft elevation gain from the trail head. Doesn't sound that high? Let's see you hoof it up there!
The pyramid is a marker for the high point Looking down at El Capitan from Guadalupe Peak
Mark relaxing at the top. It was a little nippy up there Looking down at the trailhead. It's on the other side of that mountain
A panorama shot of Guadalupe Peak from a ways out. It was a whole lot of desert out there A Panorama shot of Mark at the entrance to Guadalupe National Park


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