North Cascades - American Alpine Institute Class

July 2007

Trip Summary

This trip was a direct result of my Ecuador trip in January of 2007. I suffered from a lack of confidence on that trip and was determined to not let that lessen the enjoyment of future climbs. This trip was a combination of a 2 day private crevasse rescue and glacier travel class, plus the standard Alpinism 2 class offered by the American Alpine Institute. I spent time on glaciers, rock, snow, and oddly enough a beach. Our last two days got washed out with rain, so I lost out on two days of climbing/practice on Mt. Shuksan. But ultimately I got out of the class what I wanted, experience and confidence. Plus it was fun too! I also was pleasantly surprised to rediscover the fun of rock climbing so now I've got even more things to keep me in shape.

South Early Winters Spire - Summited via South ArÍte (5.5)

Liberty Bell - Summited via Beckey Route (5.6)
Mt Shuksan - Never even got on the glacier (sound familiar?). Bailed at 5,600 ft due to low visibility and generally cold, wet unpleasant conditions


Trip Journal and Pictures in Order

Individual Areas - If you just want to cut to the chase

Crevasse rescue, glacier travel, and trad climbing practice
Climbing South Early Winters Spire (7,807 ft)
Climbing Liberty Bell (7,720 ft)
Climbing Mt Shuksan (9,131 ft)


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