New York / New Jersey Appalachian Trail - NY Hwy 17 to NJ Hwy 94 - May 2004

5 of us with the Wilmington Trail Club did this as a 3 day, 27 mile shuttle over Memorial day weekend. The section in New York was really quite nice with some rugged, varied terrain and some really fine views. My good weather karma held up the entire weekend with some outstanding weather allowing us lots of basking in the sun on the warm rocks waiting for George and Judith. One of the most exciting things was that we could see the New York skyline and the Empire State building from one of the vistas. This was the first time in my entire life where I saw something that the guidebook said you could see "on a clear day". The company as usual was very pleasant and our knowledge of Benjamin Moore paints is now mind blowing. Best quote of the trip: "Are you guys coming or not ?!"

Still looking fresh after the initial climb The obligatory bridge shot
John climbs under a seemingly intentional obstacle Water falls are always nice
Wildcat shelter. We tented it tonight as the house was full of drunks. Anthony, Judith and George get ready to hit the trail
What happened to George and Judith? Who cares. Wow, there are some really nice views in the NY portion of this section
Anthony contemplates the meaning of life. Hey Anthony, it's 42! Now this is luxury on the AT
Wayawanda Shelter. We braved the snoring and stayed in the shelter tonight The last view before the parking lot. Overlooks the next section towards High Point
Man, we get meadows on this section too?  


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