Rock Climbing at Seneca Rocks - July 2008


On the way to Christy's family reunion we stopped off in Seneca Rocks, WV. I spent the whole day rock climbing, while Christy and Logan checked out an old railroad and the Greenbank Radio Observatory.

Candy Corner (5.6) to Dufty's Popoff (5.7) to Gunsight Peak Direct (5.4)
Soler (5.7) All three pitches
Totum (5.5) 1st pitch
Roy Gap (5.6) 1st pitch
Climb & Punishment (5.8) 1st pitch

Logan checks out the loft in the cabin I rented The cabin was really nice
Starting off on Candy Corner Hoping I don't "popoff" of Dufty's Popoff
Topping out Dufty's Popoff Route? What route? We don't need no stinking route
Whoa I'm upside down The fin on Gunsight Peak Direct
2nd pitch of Soler Starting off the 3rd pitch of Soler
Getting ready to get my partners cam stuck on the 3rd pitch of Soler Getting pumped on the 3rd pitch of Soler
Summit of Seneca Rock What my big toe looked like after smashing it on Soler


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