Rock Climbing at Seneca Rocks - October 2008


Mike and I had so much fun at Seneca Rocks the previous Columbus day weekend, we decided to do it again this year. This time it was all about pushing harder routes and seeing what our limit was. We definitely found our limit on Triple S (5.8+)

We climbed on Saturday:
Ecstasy (5.7) - Clean
West Pole (5.7) - Clean

We climbed on Sunday:
Neck Press (5.7) to Critter Crack (5.7) - Clean
Crispy Critter (5.7) - Clean
Triple S (5.8+) - Took one little fall when my right foot blew in the crack. Mike took a little sissy rest on the rope.
Le Gourmet (5.4) 1st pitch - Clean

Mike on 2nd pitch of Ecstacy Me on 2nd pitch of Ecstacy
Where exactly am I suppose to go from here? Well that wasn't so hard
Hanging belay on 3rd pitch of Ecstasy. This was unpleasant after awhile Getting ready for the crux of Ecstasy
Pulling the little roof Topping out
Our guide. He just got his certification and was a little too cautious Let's hit the next route
Belaying underneath the crux roof's on Westpole I pulled both roof's clean and didn't need your pansy aid piece
Working Critter Crack Mike sizing up Crispy Critter
I gotta go again? I'm tired from the last crack Stemming up Triple S
Using an arm jam on Triple S Taking an arm break on Triple S
Woo hoo! I made it. Gosh it was tough Mike is ready for some more of the awesome pizza back in town


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