Mt. Washington - Winter Climb February 2008


George clued me in that Southwest was offering super cheap fares ($100 RT) from Philly to Concord, NH. And on top of that they were renting cars for like $10 a day. So we flew up for the weekend to make a winter atttempt on Mt. Washington via the Winter Lion's Head route. We flew in Friday morning, and since it was a beautiful day, we climbed up to the Lion's Head and then turned around to be back by dinner time. Our only day to attempt the summit was on Saturday, but unfortunately there was a blizzard the night before which dumped a whole foot of snow on the surrounding area. We figured the route would be closed so we didn't get as early a start as we should have. As it turns out the route was open, just covered in deep snow. We made a valiant attempt but came up short on daylight to make the summit and return before dark. I suppose we could have gone for it, but we decided to err on the side of caution instead of chancing it in the wintertime. It's a nice climb and not as cold as you might think with the right layering system.


A bluebird day at Mt. Washington in winter There were more than a few folks at Pinkham
Moderate avalanche danger? Bah! Once you get on the Lion's head winter route its time to crampon up
The winter route is in the trees and surprisingly steep You can plot out you skiing at the resort across the street
At the Lion's Head Take a good look at the summit. We wouldn't see it again. Too bad we didn't have time to do it today
Tuckerman's Ravine looks pretty intimidating The fox didn't seem all that concerned about avalanches
Extreme avalanche danger? I scoff at danger! Proving you can sweat like a pig in a snow storm
Ugh, that approach road sucks. Can't be too cold, George doesn't even need gloves
This is the same pictures as the day before at the Lion's Head. Slightly different view. See video here We turned around 500 ft from the top at this trail junction. My face tells the story. See video here
Who wears a floppy hat in a snow storm? You can barely see the tracks I just laid down
It cleared up only because the wind was howling Slightly tired back at Pinkham.


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