Fluffy Bunny

of Caerbannog





Drive: Banebots 16mm 24:1 gear motors

ESC: Barello Ant 150

Receiver: Microbotparts Micro Receiver MBP-9G4

Transmitter:  Airtronics VG400

Battery: 11.1V 3 cell 730 mAh Thunderpower Li-Poly

Baseplate: 1/16" G-10 Garolite

Top: 1/32" G-10 Garolite

Side panels: 3/16" Polycarbonate

Wheels: 2-1/2" Liteflites

Weapon: 1/2" X 5-3/4" X 1/8" S7 tool steel

Weapon motor: Electrifly T-280

Pullies: 3 to 1 miniature MXL series pullies with 1/8" X 4" MXL belt

Shaft: 1/4" alloy steel dowel pin attached through 1"X1"X1/2" UHMW using two 1/4" high temp bronze flange bearings

Tape: Black Gorilla Tape


Version 1.1 "Improvements"

Since the Lipoly battery was dead. I put an 8.4V NiMH battery we had lying around in it. The weapon motor doesn't burn out anymore but the blade doesn't spin fast enough to hurt anything.


Robot Battles 35 @ Dragon*Con  September 2009

It was fun driving, but it went nowhere with a blade that doesn't spin fast enough to hurt anything. Ultimately FB was 0-2 in the competition with the under powered blade.


No one wants to see the 6 pushing contests that Fluffy Bunny fought


Motorama February 2008

Fluffy Bunny did pretty well all things considered. All was fine up until a couple of days before when the weapon started cutting in and out. We changed motors and thought that was the issue, but it was not. Our first fight the weapon didn't work right at all. In troubleshooting the issue, the problem finally showed itself. Our expensive lithium polymer battery had lost a cell. We borrowed a battery from another competitor but elected not to try and run the weapon as it was a lower voltage battery. We fitted a scoop to the front of FB (which I had fabricated beforehand just in case) and went with it. Going 2-2 isn't too bad given the obstacle we had to overcome.


1 - Fluffy Bunny vs Drum Roll (0MB avi) WIN - It seems Christy in her excitement forgot to record this fight. Sorry..... You didn't miss much though.

2 - Fluffy Bunny vs Absolutely Naut VDD (10.9MB avi) LOSS    Click here for streaming video

3 - Fluffy Bunny vs Duke of Cheese (15.2 MB avi) WIN     Click here for streaming video

4 - Fluffy Bunny vs Beloved Shardy (14.5MB avi) LOSS   Click here for streaming video

Motorama 2008 Antweight Brackets


Motorama February 2007

Fluffy Bunny made a pretty good showing. We lost to an all Titanium bot in the first round that put us behind the eight ball for the day. Did pretty well considering we blew three weapon motors


1 - Fluffy Bunny vs Fender Bender (8.0MB wmv) LOSS

2 - Fluffy Bunny vs Ant from Hell (0.9MB wmv) WIN

3 - Fluffy Bunny vs Wired Wedge (7.4 MB wmv) WIN

4 - Fluffy Bunny vs Beloved Shardy (7.0MB wmv) WIN

5 - Fluffy Bunny vs Sandwich Destruction (6.3MB wmv) WIN

6 - Fluffy Bunny vs Black Death (6.4MB wmv) LOSS

Motorama 2007 Antweight Brackets


Pennbots December 2006

A little bad luck kept us from doing better. But we had a very successful shake down cruise


1 - Fluffy Bunny vs Squid Squisher (0.9MB wmv) WIN

2 - Fluffy Bunny vs Hit or Miss (Round 1) (1.0MB wmv) WIN

3 - Fluffy Bunny vs Spare Parts (1.6MB wmv) LOSS

4 - Fluffy Bunny vs Hit or Miss (Round 2) (0.6MB wmv) LOSS



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