Washington, DC

Fort Reno - 429 feet


Summited on 12/18/05 - Highpoint #19 of 50

Fort Reno is Supplanting Alaska as Number 50

Mark and Logan on the summit of Fort Reno (429 ft) on 12/18/05. This is the highest point in Washington, DC The climb from basecamp at 39th St and Fessenden St.

We summited Fort Reno on December 18th, 2005 on the way to cookie day at Christy's grandparents house. While I am building up my mountaineering experience level, I am reasonably certain at this point that Denali will not be in my future. Not wanting to be one of those lame highpointers that stops at #49, I figure I can supplant the highpoint of our nations capital for Alaska. There was some snow on the ground this day, does that count as a snow climb? Dang it wasn't winter yet, so its only a calendar Autumn climb. And I did it with the family so it wasn't solo either.....

Fort Reno is located near the north side of Georgetown at the top of the hill on the south side of the corner of 39th St. and Fessenden St. It is very easy to find using Mapquest. There is no view.

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