Black Mountain - 4,135 feet


Summited on 6/29/04 - Highpoint #12 of 50

Mark on the summit of Black Mountain on 6/29/04  

I summited Kentucky on the same day as Virginia. After having hit Mount Rogers I drove across SW Virginia to the town of Appalachia and headed west on Hwy 160 to Kentucky. The mileage listed was too short, but it was easy to find the FAA sign at the sharp turn immediately inside Kentucky that indicated the correct road. I had FAX'd in my waiver form a few days before and assume that the right people got it. The road was very easy to pass and I have no idea why they feel the waiver is necessary. I got to what seemed like the end of the road and parked. Not seeing the fire tower I was a little confused. As I was muttering to myself, a Kentucky hillbilly sleeping in the car next to me woke up and started talking to me. I asked him if he knew where the high point was and he didn't. I asked him if there was a fire tower around and he indicated like it was up the road with the locked gate. I thanked him, locked my car, and headed up the road. Sure enough there was the fire tower and underneath a bunch of weeds was the high point marker. After shooting the picture I high tailed it out of there before he asked to hear me squeal like a pig.

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