Mount Greylock - 3,491 feet


Summited on 5/29/05 - Highpoint #15 of 50

Mark and Logan on the summit of Mt. Greylock on 5/29/05 Christy on the summit of Mt. Greylock on 5/29/05
We couldn't find any USGS marker, but this seems like the next best thing Mark and Logan checking out the view from the east side of the summit

We summitted Massachusetts over Memorial Day weekend. I'm never overly found of these popular drive up highpoints but it was OK. We went up specifically to highpoint and we did our first car camping together at the campground in the Greylock State Park. Logan had a good time car camping. We built a fire, went exploring, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and slept in a tent. Logan had a great time except for the dreaded getting out of a warm sleeping bag on a cold wet morning.


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