Backbone Mountain - 3,360 feet


Summited on 7/10/05 - Highpoint #18 of 50

Mark on the summit of Backbone Mountain (3,360 ft) on 7/10/05. Otherwise known as Hoye Crest. This is the highest point in Maryland The road sign pointing to the trailhead as seen from southbound US 219

I did West Virginia and Maryland in one day starting from the river house just north of Luray Caverns. I left at 6AM and got back around 2:30PM. After summiting West Virginia I continued along the back roads of West Virginia past Seneca Rocks and the Canaan Valley finally heading northbound on US 219. I knew about where the trailhead was based on mileage, but I still wound up driving past it to the intersection with WV 24. Turning around at a convenience store it is 1.1 miles from this intersection to the trailhead. A small parking area is on the right. The trailhead is well marked with HP symbols and it is about a 20 minute walk to the summit. At one point you come to a sign that says you can go either way to the summit, I went one way up and the other way down. This was the last highpoint within 6 hours. So the flurry is probably over.

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