New Jersey

High Point Monument - 1,803 feet


Summited on 5/26/03 - Highpoint #7 of 50

Mark on the summit of High Point Monument in High Point State Park on 5/26/03. You wouldn't even believe how bad the weather was.  

I summitted New Jersey at the end of a 3 day backpack on the AT. Our cars were parked adjacent to the entrance to the monument so it was a perfect time. The weather was cold and raining as we backpacked from the shelter back to our cars. So now it's High Point time! John and I were the only ones game enough to go for it. We drove up to the park entrance and I asked the attendant if we could come in for free as we only wanted to hit the high point. She said "sure" and we were off. We jumped out of the car and bolted for the summit. It was still 45F and raining heavily but now we had added a 20 mph wind. This is Memorial Day?! You gotta be kidding.... We quickly snapped our pictures, laughing the whole time, and ran back to the car before we got hypothermia. Only in New Jersey, and only a couple of nuts would be out there taking pictures.

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