New York

Mount Marcy - 5,344 feet


Summited on 8/07/06 - Highpoint #23 of 50

Mark on the summit of Mt. Marcy (5,344 ft) on 8/07/06. A 3,165 foot climb and 15 mile round trip climb Mark standing in front of the Mt. Marcy plaque
This is where the USGS marker used to be A brief view of the summit on the way up in between clouds

This was peak #1 on a New England high point swing. I climbed Mt. Marcy as a day hike starting from the Adirondak Loj and taking the 15 mile round trip Van Hovering trail. I had heard the trail was a little rugged and it lived up to its reputation. Not rugged on the mountain, but rugged on the approach. A lot of walking on big rocks to avoid bug mud. The day before was beautiful but I was foiled with clouds on the summit. Tried to do the summer time bobsled run in Lake Placid but it had stopped running for the season the day before.


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