South Carolina

Sassafras Mountain - 3,560 feet

Summited on 2/1/05 - Highpoint #13 of 50

Mark on the summit of Sassafras Mountain on 2/1/05 Mark on the true summit of Sassafras Mountain on 2/1/05
The USGS marker on Sassafras Mountain  

I summited South Carolina on a business trip to Spartanburg. I flew in early and drove up the road to Sassafras mountain, a nice but uninspiring drive. It seemed longer than I thought it would be, but finding Rocky Bottom and road 199 was easy. There was a little bit of snow on the ground but fortunately not enough to get in the way. I got to the parking lot and was the only one there. Imagine that at noon on a weekday in winter! The marker was a little hard to find as it isn't even close to being on the high point in the area. I took a picture at the marker and the highest point and headed back.

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