Mount Mansfield - 4,393 feet


Summited on 8/08/06 - Highpoint #24 of 50

Mark on the summit of Mt. Mansfield (4,393 ft) on 8/08/06. A 2,863 foot climb over 3 miles This time the USGS marker is in tact
Looking up at the chin The clouds parted shortly after I left the summit, revealing a beautiful day

This was peak #2 on a New England high point swing. I climbed Mt. Mansfield via the Long Trail and the Chin from the north. I thought I had read that this trail was above treeline quickly, but it is actually mostly in the trees. Climbing the Chin was briefly entertaining but it was short, sweet and easy. Once again I am engulfed by clouds on the summit. There was a girl from the Green Mountain Club sitting at the summit talking to visitors. I was the first one of the day so we chit chatted for awhile hoping the weather could clear. It did not. So I set on down the ridge on the Long Trail to the auto toll road parking lot where my ride down awaited me. About 10 minutes from the top the clouds cleared giving me some great views. I thought about going back for a better summit shot but decided against it. If I was to do it again I would bag the Long Trail climb and just go up and back from the auto toll road parking lot.


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