Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb - Final Thoughts


As I said in the summary on the main page, the trip was amazing. All of the guides/porters made the climb such an enjoyable experience. Every last one of them was super friendly and genuinely seemed to enjoy making the climb. I think we were very fortunate with the group of climbers that we had. I was hoping by taking this route and going with a company like Mountain Madness that the group would be more athletically/outdoors inclined and I think we got that. Everyone stayed really positive and I think for the most part got along well, which is impressive for a group of 13 strangers. Judy and I joked that we were both vying to be the most annoying person on the trip and I'm not sure who was the ultimate winner. I'll let the others on the trip decide for themselves, although I personally don't think Judy or I were the winner.

Things that Surprised Me About the Trip

Would I Do Anything Different?

Would I Do it Again and What is Next?


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